Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Praveen Pardeshi’s lifting bracelet; Iqbal Chahal new commissioner

Mumbai : Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Praveen Singh Pardeshi has finally been transferred. Sources said that action was taken as the number of patients in Mumbai was not covered. Pardeshi has been transferred as Additional Chief Secretary in Urban Development. So, Iqbal Chahal has been appointed as the new Commissioner of Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Chahal is currently the Principal Secretary in Urban Development.

Corona virus infection is increasing rapidly in the state. Mumbai has the highest number of corona victims in the country. Sources said that Praveen Pardeshi has been replaced due to his inability to stop this growth.

Career of Praveen Pardeshi

  • When Devendra Fadnavis was the Chief Minister, he was working as Additional Chief Secretary in the Chief Minister’s Office. He was known as an officer in the faith of Devendra Fadnavis.
  • After Ajoy Mehta became the Chief Secretary of the state, Devendra Fadnavis handed over the responsibility of Mumbai Municipal Corporation to a foreigner.
  • After the change of power in the state and especially in the background of Corona, many questions were present on the functioning of Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
  • The Cold War between Chief Secretary Ajoy Mehta and the Municipal Commissioner was frequent.
  • On the one hand, the growing number of corona-infected patients in Mumbai, the dilapidated condition of the hospital, the Kendrakadum inspection team had started the discussion about foreigners.
  • When the Centre’s delegation returned to Mumbai on Thursday, discussions began on the transfer of Pardeshi and he was finally transferred today.
  • Chief Secretary Ajoy Mehta is now seen as a confidant of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.
  • The blow between the two is also said to have hit foreigners.

Why foreigners were replaced?

  1. The Cold War between Ajoy Mehta and Pravin Pardeshi begins, with the two having a falling out in a meeting.
  2. While the number in Mumbai is increasing, it fails to stop it
  3. Many complaints of Pravin Pardeshi were frequent
  4. There was an allegation of lack of coordination between the hospital and the authorities
  5. During the Corona period, there was also internal confusion over the tender process
  6. Proficient foreigners are known for their good handling of emergencies. However, during the Corona crisis, they failed to stop the increase in the number of patients in Mumbai.
  7. Praveen Pardeshi had altered his rights in some decisions taken by the state government.
  8. Praveen Pardeshi canceled the relaxation given in the third phase of the lockdown for Mumbai. Ordered not to open shops with unnecessary facilities.
  9. However, the next day he ordered the electronic-hardware stores to remain open again.
  10. The attendance of municipal employees, which was earlier required to be 50%, was made 100% mandatory. He then removed the new order again and did 75%.
  11. Planning and planning for vegetable markets went wrong
  12. There was a lot of confusion in the ward-wise patient statistics from the municipality. The state government and the Mumbai Municipal Corporation were bringing out different numbers of patients every day. There was no coordination.
  13. There were complaints about the quarantine facilities provided by the Mumbai Municipal Corporation administration.
  14. The number of patients in Mumbai is increasing. However, the hospital does not have enough beds. From now on, if such incoherence continues, a serious situation may arise.
  15. The planning was not strictly implemented by the municipal administration.

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