Youth stabs police in Mumbai, injures two; Thrilling incident on Marine Drive

Mumbai: On the one hand, the police are fighting the corona virus on the front line. But at the same time, the number of attacks on police is increasing day by day. A young man attacked two blockaded policemen in Mumbai on Friday night (May 8) with a scythe. The incident happened on Marine Drive at eleven o’clock at night. Police Inspector Jitendra Kadam and Sub-Inspector Shelke were injured in the attack and the accused youth has been arrested. It is understood that he attacked her with a scythe just because the police stopped him while he was walking at night. It’s all kind of captured on a mobile camera.

Some police personnel were chasing the youth and trying to make him understand. But the young man was not in the mood to listen to anything. Eventually the accused was arrested with the help of rope and stick. At that moment, he struck her with a machete, injuring two policemen.

This young man is from the Colaba area. On Friday (May 8) night, a young man was walking down the street when he was stopped by a police officer on a blockade. The young man then pulled the scythe out of the bag. He threatened to hit you in the head with a machete and run away. He was then chased and seen by police trying to stop him and make him understand. Eventually, he was caught by about ten policemen with ropes and sticks at the Marine Drive intersection. This time he attacked with a scythe, in which two policemen were seriously injured. They are undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, the young man was carrying a sickle where and for what purpose. Police are investigating whether he wanted to kill anyone. Police said the young man did not have a mental illness. But he was out of the house due to some tension, sources said.

Attack on police is like attack on us:
Why did the Minister of State for Home Affairs come out with a sickle? This will be investigated. Attacks on police will not be tolerated. Attacking the police is like attacking us. Minister of State for Home Affairs (Rural) Shambhuraj Desai told ABP Mazha that he will hold immediate talks with the Mumbai Police Commissioner in this regard. Also, there is a difficult situation at present. The Minister of State for Home Affairs also assured that immediate action will be taken against those who attack you by appealing to the police not to lose heart.

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