China’s announcement – from November, the common people will start getting the corona vaccine

Beijing China has said that its vaccine (Covid-19 Vaccine) being made to prevent coronavirus is in the final stages and will be made available to the general public from November. The China Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a statement on Monday, saying that we are very close to success and in the early weeks of November, the common people will start getting corona vaccine. Earlier it was reported that China’s vaccine has proved to be safe even after testing on one lakh people.

China has said that there are three vaccines being developed here, which are in their final stages, as well as the results of their testing are also very impressive. All three have been tried on people connected with basic facilities and they have proved successful. These vaccines have been seen using many essential workers in July before the Phase-3 human trial. CDC Chief Guizhou Wu said that this vaccine will be in the hands of the general public in November. Wu said that I myself have taken the vaccine vaccine and am not feeling any kind of discomfort or unusual symptoms. This vaccine has been prepared by China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm) and Synovac Biotech.

Test successful on one lakh people
China National Biotech Group has declared its coronavirus vaccine safe and effective. The company said in a statement that so far the people who have been given both vaccines of this vaccine have not shown any kind of side effects. The company said on its official WeChat account that till now the dose of this vaccine has been given to about 1 lakh people. China has approved three vaccines of the coronavirus for immediate use. Two of these have been developed by the China National Biotech Group (CNBG).

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