Best Digital Smart Locks For Home, Shops, Office in India In 2021- Top 5 Smart Locks For Office

Hate carrying keys? Perhaps the jingling sound they produce in your pocket? Or are you looking for a safer, more fashionable, and convenient way to lock your door? Then you might want to invest in digital door locks, which are popular in .

Digital door locks are much safer and convenient as compared to a key. With the advanced technology we have here, we can now leave home without the burden of carrying keys.

Thus, to help you find the Best Digital Smart Locks For Home, Shops, Office in India In 2021 for you, here is our list of the Best Smart Locks to Buy in India in 2021

1.Godrej Locking SolutionsCHECK PRICE
3.Godrej Security Solutions CHECK PRICE
4.Valencia- Ajax Smart Door LockCHECK PRICE
5.Noke World’s First Smart Lock-Keyless PadlockCHECK PRICE

1. Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems Locks Advantis 5259 ABS Plastic Digital Door Lock

  • Access Mode – Set 4 to 12 digits password
  • the RFID Card registers up to 100 cards for multiple user access
  • compatible with remote and videos door phones for ease of operation
  • If the safety button is switched on, the lock can’t be opened from outside by RFID or password
  • Adjustable Spycode
  • The alarm goes off if the password is entered incorrectly 5 times in a row

Many reviews of An Digital Lock also state that the team does not just recommend all customers the most expensive digital lock. Instead, they recommend based on each customer’s needs and practical demands! So, with them, you do not have to be afraid of hard selling or of misplacing your trust.

Apart from selling digital locks, An Digital Lock also helps with the installation of door locks from $120 onwards, depending on the type of lock purchased.

If you want to check out the locks that AN Digital Lock offers, you would be glad to know that they have 2 showroom locations for you to choose from!

2. Samsung SHP-DP728 Digital Door Lock

  • Push Pull Two Way Latch Mortise
  • Fingerprint, RF card, password, lock
  • Anti-hacking encryption protocol
  • Anti theft mode
  • Automatic wake-up on approaching

This Samsung digital lock also offers the Push-Pull door lock. It has fingerprint recognition and a Smartphone app service for modern living. You can check the access to your house to see who went in and out.

It also offers encryption, providing a secure app and prevents hackings from happening. As added security, it also has an Anti-theft setup to prevent intruders from going near your place.

3. Godrej Security Solutions

  • two way audio communication – you can speak to the visitor from the indoor unit
  • Vandal resistant and weatherproof outdoor units
  • LED for night vision
  • Monitoring and talking with a visitor
  • Angular wall bracket allows the screen to tilt to the sides to offers flexibility of viewing
  • Hands-free operation imparts you complete freedom to use

They offer a wide variety of digital lock types, including push-pull locks, handle locks, rim locks, as well as deadbolts. Depending on your needs, you can filter through their comprehensive catalog to choose one that fits your needs and demands.

If you are confused over what type of lock you should get, you can head down to their showroom down at Eunos, where their professional team would guide and assist you.

4. Valencia- Ajax Smart Door Lock

  • Fingerprint access
  • Pin Code
  • RFID Card – Unlock your door with a key tag
  • Display & Voice Guidance – Display Screen and systematic Voice guidance smoothly guides you
  • Alarm – If someone tries to open with force or break the door or enter an incorrect access for 3 + times,

It also comes with RFID cards which you can tap to gain access if you prefer a physical key-type. You can even unlock it with its smartphone app. That is pretty amazing, considering that other digital locks only have one or two access systems.

In terms of design, this Digital Lock is a thing of beauty. It is modern and minimalist and comes in 4 different colors – dark silver, gold, noble gold, and bronze. You are sure to find one which suits your door color and design. Seeing it in action, we can say that the user experience of the lock is superb.

It comes with a push-or-pull function, so when you are carrying heavy groceries, you won’t have trouble opening the door. All in all, truly one of the best digital locks in India!

5. Noke World’s First Smart Lock-Keyless Padlock-Open The Lock With Your Phone

  • Keyless design uses bluetooth to unlock using your mobile device quickly and effortlessly
  • Sharing – Using our iOS/Android app, Noke allows instant and secure sharing and tracking technology
  • Strong/Water Resistant – made with hardened steel & boron Noke handles the toughest environments
  • long-lasting, replaceable, CR2032 battery

Aside from PIN, this lock offers a fingerprint scanner to access the door. It also added some extra measures when it comes to security.

With its scramble code feature, you can assign random numbers before or after the correct PIN code to reduce the chances of exposing the right code to other people.

It also requires the user to complete the opening of the door by touching the palm on the keypad after entering the password to remove the residual fingerprints.

To Conclude

For houses and offices, a digital door lock is recommended. It provides us with high security and benefits that key can’t offer. Likewise, you can get access to your home with just a passcode or your fingerprints.