Best VPN For Philippines – Get a Filipino IP Address

How’s it going, everybody? Today I’m going to be showing you guys how to get VPN. This is the most effective and stable and reliable way of changing your IP address, especially if you’re trying to. For example, maybe play a game that’s not available in your region, or maybe you’re trying to unblock geo restrictions, Netflix geo restrictions or other geo restrictions.

So yeah, this is a great way of doing that most reliable way. And if let’s say you don’t want to pay. This is for you. Most of these VPNs give you a seven day trial. So you can just try them out to their full potential for like seven days.

So yeah, in case you don’t want to pay for that. Otherwise, you can just find other free VPN. But if we’re talking about security, and you know, some of the best VPN in the market, these are definitely some of the best VPN is in the market.


Besides that, let’s get straight into it. I am using expressvpn because it is my favorite, and it is the most secure one. And if I go to what is my VPN com here, I just loaded it up. It should say that I am in Germany. So that there we go. It is the same in Germany. So it’s pretty simple. And that applies to all other VPN.

Before getting into the options of VPNs or anything like that, I’m just going to show you straight how to kind of change your location. Very simple.


  • You will generally have a tab of VPN locations.
  • And here under all locations, we’re just going to go to Asia Pacific, and Philippines.
  • Usually most VPNs have servers in the Philippines.
  • So yeah, you’re good to go, you can just select the Philippines.
  • And we should connect in just a second now.
  • And I’m just going to hit refresh on what is my IP address.
  • And it should change the country into the Philippines right here.

So rather, it already changed my IP address. My country should be changed as well into the Philippines. And now I can access Filipino markets, Filipino Netflix, or whatever you’re trying to do using a Filipino IP address. So that will be it.

Now it’s a pretty simple process. There’s nothing much to say. But if you’re trying, let’s say you’re new to VPN, and you’re trying to kind of understand your VPN a little more like what are all these options that you see.

What’s a kill switch? What’s a protocol? Why should I use one over the other now? Okay, let’s get quickly. Let’s get into this.


Now, the kill switch. If you didn’t know, when you’re using. The server, yeah, this is an encrypted server. This is a secured encrypted server.

The kill switch will sever your internet connection. The moment you disconnect from the VPN, if the kill switch is off, you will revert back to your ISP server, which is most likely monitored and not as secure as the VPN provider server.

So if you want to prevent that from happening, you can just server the internet connection, use it. Using the kill switch when you disconnect from the VPN. So that’ll be your only way of getting your internet access unless you turn your kill switch back off.

So that’s pretty cool if you want your connection to be secure. Or if you just concerned about your data or security. That’s a good tool.


Now for protocols, you can use automatic that works. In this situation I’m using lightweight because it’s very quick to connect. If you’re concerned about security, you can use open VPN UDP because it’s the best combination of speed and security.

Express VPN is actually faster than lightweight, which lightweight is their own version of wire guard protocol. Wire guard based protocols are recent protocols. And they’re supposed to be quite a bit faster.

They are faster in Norton surf shark, but they’re not it’s not faster here in Express. Open VPN is actually the one that’s quicker. So make sure using open VPN UDP. The TCP option, not great for download speed. I kept was quick but barely works on a handful of servers. So not really quite reliable.

And LTTP has very inferior security and it’s outdated so forget about it. So the last kind of option you want to make sure is only use Express VPN. DNS servers will connect and what that will do is that it will force the Express VPN DNS on to your data.

To make sure that it’s so that it prevents any data from leaking, increasing series, an extra measure you can take. To make sure your connection is secured, nothing leaks out. And it ensures that your connection stays more consistent rather than fluctuating up and down.

So yeah, whatever you’re doing, I would suggest that you keep this on, unless you’re trying to use any custom DNS. Generally, the Express DNS servers are just about good enough to do whatever you want. And they’re more secured. So that’ll be it. When it comes to the differences.

Let’s say you don’t want to pay the premium price of expressvpn. Because it’s quite a bit of premium servers and comes with a premium price. You want to secure also one more device, because Express secures only five devices simultaneously per subscription.

So it’s secure six devices, you have a couple extra features like dedicated IP, double VPN, which connects you through two servers rather than one at the cost of reduced speed.

Onion over VPN for Tor users peer to peer for torrenting. Express VPN has no specialty servers, because they’ve made it, so that you can operate any kind of online activity using whatever server in the collection of servers with Express VPN. Because it doesn’t matter.

They’re all optimized for everything streaming, torrenting, whatever it is you’re trying to do.

The cool thing about Nord VPN though is that you have the option of, for example, you have an app kill switch here, which disconnects the application rather than your connection. So that’s pretty cool.

The default obfuscation is already turned on an express VPN. But here, you will have to turn it on if you are looking for obfuscation, which will make your data look like any other browsing data. So that your ISP won’t even be able to tell that you’re using a VPN in the first place.

If you’re living in a restrictive country. But do know that when you use obfuscated servers, you will have the less servers much less servers to use. So keep that in mind.


Now, let’s say you don’t want to pay that still don’t want to pay that price for Nord VPN, but you want to secure it as many devices as possible and unlimited amount of devices. Using one subscription, that’s when surf shark comes in.

Surf shark is probably the best value you can get now. It’s not a security if you’re concerned about security. Go back to expressvpn. But this is not secure, this is just a budget VPN that will get the job done. And it still has, split tunneling and kill switch multi albatrosses, double VPN and static IP. So it is a great VPN overall if you’re not trying to pay too much cash for that VPN.

You may be just want to unlock a geo restriction and you don’t really care about security that much and you’re just trying to get the job done. Change our IP or access to the markets it does that job just fine.

So yeah, it may not be as quick as Nord or express but it definitely gets the job done.