Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK Free Download 2021 – Wallhack/Aimbot/Cheats

Activision has provided us with the best mobile game that is based upon the hit franchise “call of duty”. Call of duty Mobile Mod Apk Free Download is a first-person shooter team-based component. It has had a lot of success in different games. Games like black ops and modern warfare two are considered classics and are trying to bring these games towards mobile platforms.

This will feature most of the same game maps, modes, and weapons from all across the franchise. COD Mobile hack apk with OBB also comes with Wallhack, Aimbot and Cheat codes. It also gives you unlimited health and unlocks all perks and weapons.

What is COD Mobile Mod APK with OBB?

When you play a multiplayer FPS game on mobile, it is no less than a challenge.  Most of the games do not get right the real estate to see all the controls required for playing and the actual combat required for balancing act. To overcome this call of duty usually comes in with two different control modes. These modes are as followed:

  • The Simple Mode
  • The Advanced Mode

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK Download 2021 – Cheats/Aimbot/Wallhack

What is Simple Mode?

Call of duty Mobile comes in a simple model. It is considered as an essential departure from the way you randomly play COD on the console. In spite of having a firing button, your gun will fire whenever you target the enemy. This seems to be of great advantage, but in reality, it isn’t. In this mode, the firing accuracy goes out of the window and you as player rush through ammo at high speed.

The best thing about the simple mode is that without tapping on the screen, again and again, you can look around and get your gun to fire. As there are no shoulder buttons on a smartphone, thus, you only have your thumbs to work with. A new setting has been introduced in this; you can now limit the distance the auto-aims happen when you fire from the hip. As it is a fact that when the enemy stands at a range, you do not want to waste your shotgun shells.

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What is Advanced Mode?

Call of duty Mobile comes in another mode that is the advanced mode. This offers much more of a console-free experience. Your controls must be movable, and this is what Activision is working on. Every part of the HUD that is the heads up display can move, and you can get essential buttons under your thumbs directly. This model comes with a fire button which is of prior importance, and it offers excellent control over the sensitivity of your character.

You can read the above details to get the best experience to play the call of duty. Most problems can be solved if Activision lets us use Bluetooth controllers. Till now there is no sign like this, but it does not mean there won’t be any shorter. For now, you can work with the on-screen controls.

Call of Duty Mobile Maps

Activision is offering maps for COD mobile. Back from modern warfare, black ops known as Nuke Town is considered a personal favourite among many users. It is a small map with a few lines of sight. To sum it up nuke town is fast-paced and messy.

Activision shall launch eight maps. All plans are aiming to span various games from the franchise. The maps are constructed to work well in the mobile environment. We can hope some maps to be made especially for COD mobile, but for now, nostalgia is Activision’s friend.

Maps that have been announced by Activision are Nuke town, crash, hijack and firing range. These are considered the classic best. These maps are viral among the COD community. These maps help people who do not play mobile games at all.

Best Weapons (Guns, Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles)

The best thing about Call of Duty weapons is that throughout the game you can get and choose between many different guns, one in the primary position and others in the second position. The arms come with modification slots and add better scopes. In standard COD, a little variation is seen in the types of guns and their modification. It is hoped that the same shall be offered for the mobile version. You can also find a section separate for grenades. Some will deal with damage and others with suppression. You can choose according to your need of defence.

The weapons will add up when you use them, and you can add five different attachments as well. The common ones are extended mags, foregrips and laser sights. This can make your guns to be faster and accurate. If you are using the weapons accurately, then you can gain a lot of benefits in the battered field and become the master of your gaming world.

As the best feature, you can customise your character’s inventory. You can save up to five different combinations of perks, grenades, weapons and even scorestreaks. This is considered as an essential and integral part of the overall COD experience. Now let’s see what can be customised.

You usually unlock new customs for your load out either by levelling up or by purchasing it by using the in-game currency. However, Activision has used this as a means of making you spend real money. As you play, you unlock equipment, buy different stuff with the in-game currency and purchase loot boxes as well. The things you can buy with real money are purely cosmetic. This includes skins for equipment in-game and not real guns.

COD Mobile Character Perks

Perks are the character abilities that aim to make you good and better at things. These are passive and can buff you behind the scenes. Perks can increase some stat or the other. For example, the Ghost can hide you from the enemy. UAV is another scorestreak that you can attain. It is beneficial if you love to sneak up on people and get all shotgun-y.

In one loadout you can get three different perks. They can change your playing style. If you are more into using the short gun, then by mixing the fast recovery and ghost, you can regenerate your health faster. This will make you like a machine in close combat. To put it in simple words you can get in, kill them and then heal as you run to the next victim

Weapon Skills

The weapon skill comes in the form of a powerful weapon. It activates on time, and you get this per loadout. Sometimes you may wish to unpack a massive minigun for cover fire, or get personal and close up with a flame thrower. Apart from that, a lot is there for you to choose from. You need to use them wisely as you can pick them once or twice and more not more than that. The flame thrower is a bit brutal as it gets a bit devastating in the close quarters.


The scorestreaks are generally known as the killstreaks. You get these as bonuses when you do well. You can choose on the loadout screen what happens when you are going to reach particular scores. Moreover, when this happens, what abilities you can activate.

UAV is the most common and easy to earn, as well. Such a scorestreak makes you and your team members see the location of your enemy on the mini-map. When UAV is combined with other high powered scorestreaks, it can be highly effective. When you use UAV as a source to locate the clusters of enemies, other players can use airstrikes and cause a lot of damage.

COD Mobile Characters

The last thing that you are asked to choose is how you want to look when you run around the map.  As the call of duty mobile version does not offer a massive range of customisation for this; thus, you will not be able to change the pointedness of your chin and the shape of your eyebrows. Moreover, it allows you to play as one of the most iconic soldiers in the history of COD.

Back in the days when story modes mattered in multi-player games, characters like John Soap Mac Tavish and David Section Mason were considered as the main characters. It is best to see such characters coming to game life again. It is hoped that they shall bring the same in mobile games. This is Another way in which Activision has monetised the contest as you can get these characters in the loot boxes.

How to Install COD Mobile Mod APK with OBB

Follow the below steps to install COD Mobile Mod Apk:

  • Click on ”Install COD Mobile Mod Apk” button.
  • Continue to install Cod Mobile Apk; it will take a while because it is 1.5 GB.
  • Once it is completed launch the game and agrees to terms, this will complete the install.
  • Now place the OBB data in Android > Activision > Call of Duty > Data.

COD Mobile Hack Mod APK 2021 – Download for Android

Today you get the internets first Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk download. What features are being offered and how you can spice up your gaming experience. You can also use Discord to chat with gamers. However, COD comes with its built-in voice chat. It has received great reviews from IGN and other places too.

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