High Court takes notice of Aurangabad railway accident, directs to create proper public awareness about available trains

MUMBAI : Migrant workers in the state will be provided free medical check-ups after returning home, the government informed the High Court. However, the court has directed that the medical certificate be issued by the group instead of the individual. The court was also told that all these were being examined by government doctors and registered doctors. Public interest … Read more

BMC | Mumbai Municipal Corporation will prepare an ‘Action Plan’ to prevent corona infection

Mumbai : Mumbai alone has the highest number of corona patients in the country. The growing number of corona patients has become a headache for everyone. Against this backdrop, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation will prepare an ‘Action Plan’ to prevent the spread of corona virus. For this, a meeting of municipal group leaders was held. Some important decisions have been made. At this … Read more

Party breaking the rules of lockdown; Crime filed against 15 members including Bandra Gymkhana president

Mumbai : The administration is trying its best to prevent the spread of corona virus. The government has also issued repeated instructions to abide by the lockdown rules. However, some people still do not seem to follow it. Something similar has been uncovered at the Bandra Gymkhana in Bandra. On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of Bandra Gymkhana, the … Read more

Climate change: alarm bell for three billion people of the world

According to a new study, by the year 2070, more than three billion people will be living in places where the temperature will not be ‘tolerable’. As long as the emission of green house gases does not decrease, a large number of people will feel that the average temperature has exceeded 29 degrees Celsius. This … Read more

16 migrant laborers killed in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

In Aurangabad, Maharashtra, 16 migrant laborers have died after being hit by a freight train. Chief PRO of the South Central Railway has confirmed to the BBC that so far 16 workers have died on the occasion and five people have been admitted to the civil hospital in Aurangabad. He told that it seems that all … Read more

Is the coronavirus becoming more dangerous?

Researchers in the United States and Britain say they have seen hundreds of changes in the novel corona virus. However, none of these research has confirmed how it will affect its infection and how effective the vaccine will be against such viruses. Changing the virus is normal. The question is, which of these changes affect the … Read more

Why not wear a mask? Raj Thackeray’s answer to this

Mumbai : Against the backdrop of the Corona crisis, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray had called an all-party meeting today. The meeting was conducted through video conferencing. Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Devendra Fadnavis, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council Praveen Darekar and MNS president Raj Thackeray, PWD leader Jayant Patil and Congress state president Balasaheb … Read more

20 days high tide this year, fear of flooding the city in case of heavy rains: Panchangkarte Soman

Mumbai: Along with Corona, we will have to fight the pre-monsoon situation this year. This year, during the rainy season, the sea will be flooded for 20 days in June, July and August. Given by K. Soman. In case of heavy rains during the monsoon season, Mumbai and Thane areas are likely to be inundated and face a major … Read more

coronavirus | Mask, PPE kit will now use anti-virus nano-coating !; Research at the University of Mumbai

MUMBAI: The outbreak of the corona virus poses a risk of infection to the general public, as well as to doctors, nurses and staff in the medical services that care for corona patients. Against this backdrop, Dr. Vishwanath Patil, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Mumbai and Dr. Swachh Urja Alliance. Sunil Peshane and one of his students, … Read more

Let’s get Maharashtra out of the Corona crisis in unity, believes the Chief Minister in the all-party meeting

Mumbai: The suggestions made by the Leader of the Opposition as well as the leaders of other political parties to end the Corona crisis will be taken seriously. We will overcome this crisis through the unity of all, said Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. With the good implementation of the lockdown, you stopped the spread of Corona in April, … Read more