Control the icon position on your Windows 10 taskbar


TaskbarX is a free portable app for Windows 10 that allows you to place your taskbar icon in the center of the dock for feeling.

The app shows your taskbar icon in the center of your taskbar, whether it is at the bottom, top or side of your screen. This app has the option to center your icons or align them to a fixed offset from the center.


TaskbarX can center your taskbar icon and change the look and speed of your taskbar icon with transparent, transparent gradient, blur, opaque or acrylic effects. There are many animations and motions that you can choose from, or turn off the animation altogether.

TaskbarX also supports multiple taskbar. To change the settings and run the taskbar at startup, open the “TaskbarX Configurator” listed in the Start menu, select Taskschedule, click Create and then Apply. A popup will come with a Taskschedule Created message.

You can download TaskbarX from a portable zip file or Rainmeter Skin from GitHub or Microsoft Store. The advantage of using Windows Store is automatic updates, but for this you will have to spend 59 rupees.

Download: Microsoft Store

While these are available free to download on the developer’s site below.


Here you can download the portable version by clicking on the Portable Zip button, which you do not need to install.


Unzip this Zip file and double-click on the TaskbarX.exe file and run it. Just now your taskbar will be visible in the icon center.

TaskbarX runs on Windows 10..

If you prefer a clean dock such as Look and your taskbar icon is your priority in the center, try TaskbarX.

How To Uninstall TaskbarX

How do I uninstall TaskbarX?


Double click on the TaskbarX Configurator file in the Unzip folder and click the Stop TaskbarX button. This will stop the TaskbarX process and put its icon back to the left. Then go to the Task schedule tab and click on the Remove button. After that, you can simply delete the files where you installed TaskbarX.