Can ExpressVPN Unblock Netflix in 2021? ExpressVPN Netflix Tutorial

Netflix is arguably the most popular streaming service on the market. Unfortunately, due to licensing and copyright issues, even if you’re a paying customer, you won’t be able to access all of the content on Netflix, which doesn’t sit well with me personally.

I think the internet and specifically paid services over the internet are their best when fully accessible from anywhere to everybody. And that’s exactly what I’m going to demonstrate today by using ExpressVPN. And if at any point you’d like to check out links to pricing and discounts, you’ll find what you need below.

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Netflix is actively trying their best to block VPN providers across the board. So many smaller VPN struggle with keeping up with all the latest blocks Netflix rains down on them. Only the best VPN’s are able to keep up by actively countering such blocks and keeping most of the popular libraries available to their users.

ExpressVPN is known to be one of the most reliable VPN, especially for Netflix and other streaming services such as Hulu, HBO, Max, Amazon, prime video and many others. But today I’m focusing on Netflix, and how reliable can express really be in unblocking Netflix libraries.

Now there isn’t exactly a set number of libraries that express can unblock since Netflix tries to reclog much of the libraries for the most part. All popular libraries such as the US, UK, Japan, France, Canada and Australia are always available.

But for example, the South Korean library was not available due to recent Netflix imposed VPN blocks that Express is still trying to work around.

Eventually it will be available maybe a day or two later. But that’s what happens sometimes when Netflix is actively trying to block VPN providers.

Again, express doesn’t have a list showing all the libraries that it can unblock. But the common consensus among reviewers seems to average at around 18 libraries, which is more than almost every other VPN can unblock.

I tried on blocking the libraries of the United States, UK, France, Japan and Canada without selecting any specific server and using the lightweight protocol, which is the one I’d recommend using for unblocking streaming services.

express vpn price


It connects almost instantaneously and while it may not be as quick as open VPN UDP. It’s quick enough to stream 4k granted your base speed is fast enough to stream 4k. Generally, you’ll need 25 megabits per second to stream 4k and five megabits per second to stream HD.

france expressvpn server speed
ny express vpn speed

Whichever protocol you choose, be it open VPN UDP or lightweight, you won’t see more than a 5 to 20% drop in speed. Speeds will vary depending on your location, Internet Service Provider connection, speed and the server you trying to connect to, and how much traffic it may have. the speed of Express VPN is also good for playing PUBG.

But generally speaking, Express is able to minimize drops in speed to the bare minimum. I’ve done many tests over the past few months and I can confidently confirm that Express is easily one of the quickest and most consistent VPNs in performance as well as security.

You can also use the time saving speed test feature to test out all the servers to see which one might be the quickest in terms of download speed or latency. But for download speed, it really won’t matter that much if it may speed is about 12 megabits per second or above.


Another cool feature that you’ll get with Express is media streamer, which will allow you to unblock us Netflix libraries and UK streaming services like PVC on your smart TV or streaming devices using a DNS provided by Express without having to connect to express VPN on the website.

Click Setup at the top right click registers your IP address if it’s not already registered.

netflix express vpn setup 1

And then select media streamer and just input the first DNS in your streaming device and leave the second one as it is.

netflix express vpn setup 2
netflix express vpn setup 3
netflix express vpn setup 4
netflix express vpn setup 5
netflix express vpn setup 6

Though I wouldn’t recommend that you do install ExpressVPN on your smart TV or streaming device for more consistency and wider access to libraries of all streaming services.

As media streamer will only be useful if you’re mainly trying to unblock us libraries Express has over 3000 servers covering 94 countries. Many of the servers are physical servers, which is one of the main reasons why Express maintains a high level of consistency and performance and security.


Express also boasts 256 bit encryption with a 4096 bit key on open VPN Express supports split tunneling, which will let you select which apps can use the VPN connection in which use regular connection.

So let’s say you only want your Netflix app to use the VPN connection and leave the rest of your applications untouched by your VPN connection. You can definitely do that.

You also have a kill switch that shuts down your internet access when your VPN connection unexpectedly drops. And that will prevent any leaks from happening.

It also don’t have to worry if you’re living in a country where there’s heavy restrictions and censorship as ExpressVPN has proprietary obfuscation technology is activated by default.


All in all, if you’re wondering if Express can unblock Netflix then yes, it definitely can and reliably so it’s very easy to use and will do the job in a consistent and secure manner.

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