How to Download Tap, Tap APK?

Tap tap apk download – Smartphones have gesture controls. Through which if you can control the phone by tapping on it or by gesturing with the fingers. Tap apk has been done from PUBG game to taking screenshot in the phone and using this you can enable Gesture control in that phone as well. In which this feature is not given.

All the latest smartphones that are being launched now have the feature of Gesture control. In such a situation, he can run the phone smartly. As the size of the phone is big then there is a problem in taking selfie but if Gesture control is given in it. So by tapping on the back of the phone, you can take a selfie. After downloading Tap tap apk, many such customizations can be done in the phone.

For example, while playing the PUBG game, you can set it up so that the phone can be controlled with both touch and gesture. In such a situation, if the Tap feature is not already given in your phone, then you can do this work from the Android app tap tap. Let us know about it in detail.

What is Tap, Tap Apk?

This is an Android application that enables the gesture feature in any Android phone. With which activities like Screenshot, Assistant, Selfie, Phone call, Gaming control can be performed by tapping on the back of the phone. Tap, tap feature is available only in iOS 14, so the developers have made it available for Android users.

Made an app called Tap, tap which works exactly like iOS. If a user downloads and installs it in the phone. Then someone can control that phone with his gesture. With just one touch of the phone can take selfie, turn on the camera. If you want, you can enable Google Assistant.


  • A phone call can be received and cut.
  • You can turn on the camera.
  • The phone can be put on mute, vibrate and ring mode.
  • You can start any app installed on the phone.
  • You can open Google Assistant.
  • The screenshot can be taken.
  • The alarm can be turned off.
  • You can play and pause the song.

Download Tap, Tap APK

If you want to make your Android phone smart, then for this download Tap, Tap latest apk in the phone . This is a free application created by XDA developer. It works on all versions of Android 7 or above and is only 13MB app which can be downloaded from any internet.

NameTap APK
PublisherKieron Quinn (XDA Member)
Size13 MB
UpdatedJune 10, 2021
MOD FeaturesiOS 14 Back Tap Gesture
Android SupportAndroid 7.0 to Android 11

You will not find it on play store, follow these steps to download Tap, Tap APK,

  • First of all, go to the XDA developer forum by clicking here.
  • Now you click on Download Version 0.10.1 Beta.
  • It will be downloaded to your phone.

How to Install Tap, Tap APK?

When the app is not on the play store, then we have to give some permission to install it. After the file is downloaded, as soon as you click on tap tap apk, it will not be installed. For this, permission will have to be given by going to the settings first, then you will be able to install it correctly on the Android phone.

First of all go to Settings and enable Unknown sources.

  • Open File Manager and go to Downloads.
  • Click on Tap tap apk.
  • Now as soon as the screen opens, click on the button of Get started.
  • Now go to Next… Next and enable the service in the last.

How to use Tap, Tap?

Like other apps, this is also a normal Android application but its functions are different from others. The main 4 features are available in the Tap Tap app, so that the entire phone is controlled. By managing this, you can set Gesture control and if you want, you can block or enable any function in the phone.

The first thing to do as soon as you open the app is to enable the Gesture feature. As soon as you enable it, Double tap, Triple tap and Gates function will be enabled.

enable gesture

Double tap means if you touch on two on the back of the phone then which app or service should be enabled. For example, if you want that phone call as much, then this setting will start as soon as you go to double tap option and set up phone call. Whenever someone’s phone comes, you can receive it by clicking on the back of the phone.

enable double tap

Tripe tap is also like Double but in this you have to click 3 times not 2 times like if you click on the back of the phone three times then the camera will be turned on.

enable triple tap

Gates is used to control gestures activity. For example, if the phone’s screen is off then gesture should work or not, if on call then gesture should work or not. You can do all this setup from gates.


Friends, here we have learned how to download Tap Tap APK and which setting has to be enabled to control the phone with a gesture. Apart from this, there is an alternative in the name of this in which you get all the ways to download and run PUBG games. Hope this information has been helpful for you, if you have any suggestion or idea, then definitely tell about it in the comment.