How To Export Your WhatsApp Chat History As A PDF

Offering a high level of security, WhatsApp has become the chatting tool of choice for many companies. Since it is used for formal business correspondence, it is natural that you want to keep some of the chats. Either for legal or business purposes or just as a backup, it’s great that WhatsApp allows you to export your chat history along with all the files the parties have exchanged.

Since the default export file for WhatsApp chat history is an editable text file, it could be abused by someone with bad intentions. Therefore, it is wise to store your chat history in one of the file formats that cannot be easily edited without leaving a trace. This is where PDF comes in handy.

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Export chat history

Export chat history: As the first step in this process, you will need to export your WhatsApp chat history directly from WhatsApp. The result is a simple text file with a .txt extension. The file name is automatically generated in the “WhatsApp Chat – Chat Name.txt” format.

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to the conversation you want to export.
  3. Tap the Options menu – the three dots in the upper right corner of the Conversation window.
  4. Click More .
  5. Click Export Chat .
  6. A notification will appear where you can choose whether to export the media you have exchanged in the chat or not. If you export media files, they will appear as separate files along with the chat history file containing the chat text messages. For the sake of this tutorial, let’s assume you have selected the No Media option .
  7. Select one of the available services to which you want to send the export file. The easiest way is to send it via email, be it Gmail or whatever email client you use. You can also upload the export file to online storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  8. If you choose to send it via email, on the next screen, just enter your email address and submit it. If you submit it to online storage, you will need to navigate to the folder where you want to save the export file.
  9. Now go to your inbox, find the email with the exported file attachment and download the attachment. When it’s done, go to your download folder and find the export file to make sure it’s there. If you uploaded it to online storage, go to the previously selected folder and find the exported file. If you want to use your computer to convert it to PDF, you can move the export file to your desktop to make it more convenient.

Now that you have a .txt file, it’s time to convert it to PDF.

How to export your WhatsApp chat history as PDF

Convert chat history to PDF

To convert your chat history .txt file to PDF, you can use one of the common text editors such as Microsoft Office Word or the XPS Office application. You can do this either using your computer or directly on your smartphone if you have one of the word processing applications installed.

Microsoft Office Word

In the case of Microsoft Word, let’s assume you are doing this on your computer for the sake of this tutorial.

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Click on the “File” tab in the top menu.
  3. Click ” Open “.
  4. Click Browse.
  5. The “Open” menu appears. Here you should navigate to the location of your saved WhatsApp chat history file.
  6. Since Word expects by default that you want to open a Word document (.docx), you now have to tell it that you really want to open a .txt file. At the top of the Open menu , you will see a drop-down menu next to All Word Documents (* .docx) . Click on it and then select the ” Text Files (* .txt) ” file type .
  7. Your export .txt file should now appear in the destination folder on the main menu screen. Select it and click the ” Open ” button in the lower right corner of the menu.
  8. Word will now open your WhatsApp chat history file and you should be able to see the timestamped chat messages.
  9. Then you have to save it as PDF, so click on the ” File ” tab in the top menu.
  10. Click “Save As”.
  11. Click Browse .
  12. The Save As menu appears. Here select the destination folder for your PDF.
  13. At the bottom of the menu, click the File Type drop-down menu and change the file type to PDF (* .pdf).
  14. Click the ” Save ” button located in the lower right corner of the menu.

This will create a PDF of your WhatsApp chat history at the location of your choice.

XPS Office app

If you have the XPS Office app installed on your smartphone, you can use it to directly convert your chat history .txt file to PDF.

  1. Tap the chat history file that you exported as described in the Export Chat History section of this tutorial.
    1. If you sent it to your email, open that email and tap the attached exported .txt file.
    2. If you’ve uploaded it to an online storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), find the file and tap it.
    Now you need to select the application with which you want to open the file. In the ” Use another application” section, click “WPS Office” .
  2. WPS Office will open the chat history file.
  3. Click the Tools icon in the bottom menu.
  4. Click Export to PDF .
  5. A preview of the PDF file opens.
  6. Now click the Export to PDF button .
  7. Select the location where you want to save this file and click ” Export to PDF “.

This will finally save your WhatsApp chat history as a PDF file on your smartphone.

Keeping chat history safe

No matter what software you used to convert your WhatsApp chat history to PDF, it will now remain the official record of that conversation. You might even consider exporting your chat history every month. This way, you can keep monthly backups in case of any business-related issues.