How To Remove Your Name And Number From Truecaller?

Hello friends, we all use the Truecaller Mobile App and we know it. Truecaller is an App service, with the help of which we can know the name of any person only by mobile number. In this case, if your name is also being shown on Truecaller and you want to remove it. So you are at the right place, we are going to get information here. How to remove your name and number from Truecaller?

Whatever name Truecaller shows is not 100% Guarantee that it is the correct and original name. But still we should know how to remove from the Truecaller? Similarly, if you want to unlist the number, how can we remove it? This will not show your name if you call someone.

Sometimes it also happens that we do not want to use the Truecaller and do not want to come on it. That is why we keep searching on the Internet how the problems of Truecaller will be fixed. In such a situation, if you also want to save from Truecaller like me, then you will get a solution here. But before that, you know that.

What is truecaller?

Truecaller is a Famous Mobile Application, which is designed to know caller identity. If we have installed the Truecaller app on the phone and a call comes to our phone from an unknown number, we can get a lot of information related to that number. for example…

  • Who is the owner of the Unknown Number i.e. what is the name of the caller?
  • What is their location from where the call is coming?

With this, there are some more useful features in it, which we can use to avoid Spam Call and Spam Message. The name and location shown by But Truecaller is not 100% correct. Therefore it is not legally validated.

A feature in Truecaller confuses us a lot and we always want to know about it. That if a person has never used his Phone Truecaller App. So how does it get information about its number?

Actually, when someone installs the Truecaller App in a Phone. So it saves all the contacts in that phone with name and number in its database. In such a situation, if we have never used the Truecaller App in our phone, but if our number is saved with someone who uses the Truecaller, then neither of us will show on the Truecaller.

How to remove your name and number from truecaller?

Sometimes we use to register service and later on we do not want to use that service. In such a situation, according to the service policy, we get a feature there that we can remove all our information from that service. We get the same feature in Truecaller.

Using which we can delete our name and number with the Truecaller. Just for this, we have to follow some easy basic tips, which are given step by step here.

Step # 1: To deactivate the Truecaller Service, we have to install the app on the phone. Which we will easily find on the Google Play Store.

Step # 2: After downloading the app, we have to log in the most accounts to delete the name and number with the Truecaller and if not, signup for the account and create the account.

Step # 3: After creating the account, all we have to do is some basic setup. After that we will enter into the Truecaller dashboard. Here the Lift Side will be the menu icon on the top corner. We have to click there.

truecaller dashboard

Step # 4: After clicking on the Menu icon, we will get Notification, FAQs like Option. Of these, we have to click on the Setting option.

truecaller setting

Step # 5: After going to Setting Option, we get to see the Feature option in this way.

  • General
  • Sound
  • App Language
  • Caller id
  • Messaging
  • Block
  • Appearance
  • Truecaller backup
  • Privacy Center
  • About

Earlier, we used to get the feature to delete name and number from Truecaller in the About Option. But now the setting has changed and now we get this feature in the Privacy Center. Therefore, from these options, we have to click on the privacy center option.

truecaller privacy center

Step # 6: After clicking on the Privacy Center option, we reach the final step. From where we can deactivate the Truecaller account and delete our name and number on the Truecaller. So here we have to click on the “Deactivate” option.

deactivate truecaller

Step # 7: As soon as we click on Deactivate option, we get to see a popup box. From here we have to click on Yes Option. After that the name and number will be Permanently Delete from Truecaller.

Confirm delete account

Friends, it is a very easy problem how to remove your name and number from Truecaller? And many users will know about it. Many users, who get names and numbers shared here and there in this way, are very upset. In such a way, you can get rid of Truecaller in the manner described here, if there are any more questions of this way, then tell us about it in the comments.