How to Get Free Royal Pass In Battlegrounds Mobile India- 100 ROYAL PASS GIVE AWAY

Bgmi New Season

The Royal Pass Season 20 of Battlegrounds Mobile India is anticipated to start on July 14 at 7:30 AM. Alongside the new Royal Pass, the sport is additionally expected to induce a brand new Ranking system.

It will help to the users to win additional rewards by consecutively achieving a particular tier within a cycle.

Bgmi New Season C1S1

It is worth noting that the interested users need to purchase the Royal Pass. Each Royal Pass may be a seasonal item and it may be used only until the top of the corresponding season, after which the user will have to be compelled to re-purchase when a replacement season arrives.

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Besides that, from Season 20 onwards there’ll be a brand new season each month. Also, the abbreviation of a season is additionally being changed from S1, S2 to M1, M2 then on. Basically, Season 20 will arrive as M1, Season 21 as M2 and then on.

How To Get Free Royal Pass

As of now, Battlegrounds Mobile India is simply available on Android via the Google Play Store. Various reports do suggest that an iOS version of the app is within the works and may arrive on the Apple App Store within the coming weeks.

Additionally, the players’ ranks also will be reset at the top of the present season, and all over again, players have to be compelled to grind to achieve the required rank. As always, the developers will introduce an entire new Royale Pass in Battlegrounds Mobile India containing plenty of free and premium rewards.

Best Way to Get Free Royal Pass In Bgmi

From the discharge date to the royale pass price, here’s everything we all know about BGMI Season 20 update. Battlegrounds Mobile India players aren’t any strangers to the exciting content that developers introduced in seasonal updates. First off, let’s take a glance at the discharge date:

As per the official announcement, BGMI Season 20 is releasing on July 14th, 2021. As always, the Royale Pass section are going to be locked at the top of this. Krafton, the manufacturers of Battlegrounds Mobile India, will drop an in-game update to unlock the RP section. The seasonal patch usually weighs around 10 to 15 MB.