How to Get Cheap Travel Insurance

Today, I’ll teach you how to get dirt cheap travel insurance for chippers just like you. I know a lot of people are not traveling right now, but I believe that the travel insurance business is going to be booming over the next few years post COVID 19, simply because more and more people will be getting insurance because they might not know if another pandemic is coming or there’s something untoward or unexpected that happens to them.

So let’s talk about insurance. Insurance is not always cheap. It’s something that nobody wants to get, but everybody needs it. For myself, I always err on the side of caution, but I don’t want to overpay for it being a bargain hunter myself. Bargain. When you get into a bar, being a bargain hunter myself, I earn four deals. That’s what I do to get the most value for my money.

And I’ve found the secret to cheap travel insurance. I won’t only be teaching you how to get the cheapest travel insurance, but I also give you an idea about the things that are included, but most importantly, things that you should take note of when getting this type of insurance.

Now, the best cheap travel insurance, in my opinion, is to get a travel credit card, which covers the insurance. A lot of credit card companies offer travel benefits and travel insurance is one of those. While I can’t really pinpoint an exact specific credit card for your own use, the one that I’m getting here in Mauritius is the NCBI Visa Platinum. And the coverage is pretty decent if you ask me.

And here’s a breakdown of the main coverage in it. You have up to €3,250 for trip cancellation and connection, missed emergency medical and repatriation fees of up to €75,000, including inpatient where you are admitted to a hospital or outpatient when you’re not a personal accident in case of death or loss of a limb or eye, is up to €125,000, which is quite good.

I would say the legal costs can be covered up to €12,500 coverage for your own property, including baggage and passport, is up to €1,250, if you ask me. It’s quite a holistic plan. Covering all the main aspects of travel and the coverage amount is pretty decent, I must say. And the best part is that it will cover your spouses and children. Spouse I know for spousal will cover, but in the case of spouses, I’m not too sure about that. You might want to check with the insurance company on that. Other than the insurance, you also get discounts on certain accommodation and car rentals.

So having a travel credit card really helps with travel. There’s no question. There’s no doubt about it. That said, what I mentioned is solely for the motion market. So if you are from another country, make sure to research your own country.

I’ve established that travel credit cards will offer considerably good travel insurance, but I want to draw your attention to

Few things that you should take note of when using this type of travel insurance.

The first one is to bear in mind that you might need to pay an annual fee for your credit card. Some credit cards do not come free. And for this credit card, I’m currently paying 45 USD a year. And I must say that it’s well worth it, considering that if I take a few trips in a year, this would amount to much more than 45 USD.So if you like traveling a lot throughout the year, this is an absolute no-brainer for you.

The second one is that those kinds of insurance are one size fits all, so it’s not readily customizable to your tastes, to what you need. As such, you will have to read the fine print, and all the fine points to ensure that everything that you want to be covered is actually in there because they won’t be covering everything. For example, they will cover a lot of land-based activities, but not skiing.

So if I were to go on a skiing trip, then I might want to look for another travel insurance for that. Make sure that you are clear with all the terms and conditions. So that you don’t have any surprises during your travel.

The third one is to take note of the trip duration for the credit card that I’m getting. It ensures me up to 90 days, three months. So if I were to go on a yearlong trip, then this insurance is totally out of question.

The fourth one is there are also conditions as to when the insurance will kick in. Sometimes they will require you to purchase your airfare with a credit card so that you’re eligible for the insurance. So make sure to check this out because depending on the company, they might cover you partially or fully, depending on whether you book your airfare or hotels with your credit card or not.

That again goes in the fine print, which you need to read. It’s also good to be mentally prepared in advance about how things will be when you actually make a claim. Always familiarize yourself with the process before the actual process. For example, if I need medical intervention and I need to pay the medical expenses, will the company be dealing directly with the hospital of the country you are in or do you have to pay out of your own pocket first and then only claim from the insurance company?

If that is the latter, then it might be a lot more stressful for you, so you might want to check those out about how things will go about when you’re claiming it to me. Travel insurance by credit cards, or one of the best things that I’ve found so far that are not as expensive. And credit costs also give me a lot of other perks other than the insurance.

And I know that this type of insurance will be beneficial for most people out there who are going to travel. But again, do your own due diligence about the things that you will be covered or not covered.