[Shala Darpan] Points to be kept in mind at the time of Shala Darpan Data Entry

Data entry work at Shala Darpan is a continuous process, but the data so far compiled can now serve as Aadhaar data for the state and central government to improve the education system. In such a situation, the entry made in the school mirror is not only important for the upcoming schemes of the education system but has also become an important tool for the management of the school, students and teachers.

Shala Darpan Data Entry

Points to be kept in mind at the time of Shala Darpan data entry on the school mirror.

  • Now there is no change in the data of class 10-12, otherwise, the child’s admit card will not be released.
  • The child who was present in the first trial on 17 August 17, his name will be present on the school mirror throughout the year, even if he has taken it.
  • In the internship, the transfer date of the new incoming candidates on transfer is being shown in the old school show.
  • The budget will be allocated according to the information filled with computers and toilets.
  • In the relieving of a worker, rectification can be done only until he joins the new place.
  • SFG has been issued to all, only those whose account number or IFSC code is not updated (convert SBBJ to SBI), their money has come back to the department.
  • For the convenience of 80 G registration, the filled forms will be made available on the surrender soon.
  • Soon teacher-wise login will be issued, so that the teacher concerned can see his / her own information.
  • In the school mirror, the information should be filled up after checking thoroughly, because the data for all the schemes are being taken from the surrender itself.


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