SHALA DARPAN – State Education Center has prepared school mirror  RAJRMSA SHALA DARPAN for primary and middle school monitoring.  Schools will be monitored through this  RAJRMSA SHALA DARPAN. This will improve the level of quality of education as well as curb the arbitrariness of teachers and school heads. The State Education Center had prepared Shala Darpan Education Portal  RAJRMSA SHALA DARPAN for monitoring all primary and middle schools.











The State Education Center has  prepared Shala Darpan SHALA DARPAN PORTAL for primary and middle school monitoring  .  Schools will be monitored through this  RAJRMSA SHALA DARPAN . This will improve the level of quality of education as well as curb the arbitrariness of teachers and school heads. The State Education Center had designed SHALA DARPAN PORTAL , the Shala Darpan Education Portal for monitoring all primary and middle schools   .



Aug 21 2019 1:01 PM B.Ed. Second year first phase and D.El.D. Second year trainees who have not been allocated due to non availability of vacancies or due to non-availability of school choice, fill the school choice by 24.08.2019. They can be allotted school for internship. 

Aug 21 2019 12:55 PM –  B.Ed. Second year First allotment and D.El.D. Second year for all interns, the school allocation for internship has been done on 19.08.2019. The trainees can join the allotted school without any delay. 

Aug 15 2019 7:19 AM –  B.Ed. Second year – first phase and D.El.D. For the internship of second year trainees, school allocation will be done on 19.08.2019.

Jul 20 2019 11:09 PM –  All B.Ed., D.El.Ed., B.Eb.Ed./B.Sc.B.Ed. Lock the college by updating your college’s institute profile between July 10 and July 24, 2019. 

Jul 18 2019 5:28 PM –  B.Ed. And D.L.Ed. For the allocation of school for internship, be sure to enter the school preference for the second year internship of the first round by 10 August 2019. 

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Regarding entering uniformity / correct / standard name in the name of the school on Shala Darpan portal: –

The article under the above subject says that entry of the name of the school currently running on Shaladarpan portal. All the Institution heads at their level in their discretion in capital or small letter / in short form / Adarsh ​​or. Using superlative, we enter in different ways which shows the discrepancy in the names of the schools. She gives. So for this, detailed instructions were provided by the relevant letter by creating a module to display the nomenclature in correct / correct / standard form in the school tab (also displayed on the main screen as soon as the school login) on the school mirror portal, in which the name of the school Was directed to update as soon as possible.

A large number of schools have not updated the name of the school even after the instruction to update the name through the school name update module on Shaladarpan portal. Name on Shalaadarpan portal. District-wise information of schools not updating school names by update module. Attachments are redirected to ensure that the name of the school is updated within three days, following the departmental instructions.

8th BOARD EXAM 2020 RELATED GUIDELINES | Necessary guidelines for 8th board 2020

Necessary guidelines for the preliminary education completion letter examination 2020 class 8 board examination 2020 were released.

general guidelines :-

  1. The name of the examination will be ‘Elementary Education Completion Certificate Examination, 2020’.
  2. Except the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) pattern schools, it will be compulsory for all the students of class 8 studying in all state and recognized non-state schools (Hindi and English medium) of the state to appear in the examination. . It will be the responsibility of the institution heads of all these schools to fill the online application form of all the students of class 8 studying in their school for this examination. This examination will be an annual examination for class eight. Apart from this, no other examination will be taken at the school level.
  3. It will be optional for blind and deaf deaf students to attend the Elementary Education Completion Certificate Examination, 2020
  4. 3 Urdu medium schools in Ajmer city – Ra. A. Pvt V. , Barabav, Ra. A. Pvt V. , Taragarh and Ra. Ba A. Pvt V. It will be optional for students studying in class 8 of undercoat to participate in the said exam
  5. Attendance and its calculation – For regular students studying in class 8, it is mandatory for the students to have a minimum 75 percent attendance from the preparatory leave of the preparatory education completion exam to the day before the date of admission. At the discretion of the Head of the institution, depending on the sickness of the students or other reasonable reasons. Up to ten percent discount may be given in attendance
  6. No student will be declared passed / unsuccessful in the examination, but grades will be awarded on the basis of 5 point scale in each subject and over all grading will be given on the basis of grading obtained in all subjects. C. in it G. P. a . Will not provide
  7. No fee will be charged for the exam
  8. In the Elementary Education Completion Certificate Examination, the question paper of each subject will be of 100 marks, out of which 20 marks are prescribed for Session Number and 80 marks are prescribed for Elementary Education Completion Certificate Examination. 5 marks out of 20 marks of Session number and 15 marks for attendance, first test, second test, half-yearly examination, third test, other academic personal qualities, attitude based activities etc. will be determined as per the table mentioned next.
  9. In CCE-run schools, 5 out of 20 marks of Session marks will be prescribed for attendance and 15 marks for SA – 1, SA – 2, other academic personal qualities, aptitude based activities etc. as per the table mentioned on the following page. Points of attendance will be determined as follows

65 to 75 percent attendance – 3 points

76 to 85 percent attendance – 4 points

86 to 100 percent attendance – 5 points

MEDICAL LEAVE FOR GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE | Medical leave for government employees

Today we will talk about medical leave for government employees. Another thing is not a holiday right, it is a convenience.

Medical leave can be granted to the employee on the basis of the certificate of the authorized doctor by the competent officer. The term authorized doctor includes the doctor appointed in the government hospital, the doctor appointed in the dispensary.

If the employee is sick, there is no authorized doctor or doctor, ie there is no state hospital or dispensary or there is no doctor, then medical leave can be approved on the basis of the certificate of the registered medical practitioner located at that place. But the registration number of the medical practitioner must be mentioned in such a certificate. (Rule 76)

 A state employee who has been granted leave on the basis of medical certificate cannot appear on his duty until he has submitted a certificate of recovery (certificate of recovery) in the prescribed form. (Rule 83)

Competent Officer for issuing medical certificate: –

Medical Officer has been authorized for medical leave for various periods by Medical Department Order No. -P.1625 / M Group 1/94, dated-08.01.98 as follows-

  •  Medical certificate can be issued by any medical officer for a maximum period of 15 days to an out-patient.
  • The medical certificate up to 30 days will be able to be given by the Senior Medical Officer / Junior Specialist / Assistant Professor or above.
  • Senior Expert PMO / Associate Professor / Professor and serial no. If the officer mentioned in 2 is certified by the concerned Chief Medical and Health Officer, Chief Medical Officer and Superintendent.
  • Only medical board will give medical certificate for more than 45 days

The doctor of approved private hospital is authorized to issue medical certificate as follows (Order No.P16 (25) ME / 1-1 / 1994 dated 18.5.2012) –

  • For 15 days – Medical Consultant
  • Upto 30 days – Senior Medical Consultant
  • Upto 45 days – Senior subject matter expert
  • Over 45 days- Medical Board
  • Homeopathic doctors can give medical certificates for 15 days

Competent Ayurveda Officer for medical proof

  • A doctor for an OPD for a period of 15 days 
  • After 15 days, departmental doctor will be able for a 7-day period again.
  • For a period of 29 days to 45 days, the disease certificate will be issued by the Senior Doctor / District Ayurved Officer / Assistant Director / Equivalent Officer or other higher officer of “A” category hospital, including the original period.
  • For more than 45 days, medical certificate can be given by Health Testing Committee (Medical Board Ayurveda). The Health Examination Committee will have the following members –
  • District Ayurved Officer / Assistant Director / Chemist Incharge or equivalent officer and other higher officer (Ayurveda)
  • Senior Medical Convenor of “A” Category Hospital in the concerned district
  • Two Doctor (with the concurrence of the Chairman) Female Doctor Member if required
  • For medical certificate of more than 30 days in relation to internal patient, signature will be required to the in-charge of Ayurveda ‘A’ category hospital. 

ARDH VETAN KYA HAI | What is semi salary

It is important for every state government employee to know about the holidays. It is important to understand one thing here that leave is not a right.

  • On the basis of medical reasons, 20 half pay leave is payable in the account of an employee in a financial year (FINANCIAL YEAR). (financial year = 1 April – 31 March)
  • The employee can convert these half pay leave into full leave (according to his convenience).
  • An employee can convert a maximum of 480 half-pay leave into converted leave during his tenure.
  • In special cases, if there is no outstanding half pay leave in the account of the employee, then the benefit of unpaid leave can be given to the employee.

Unpaid leave –  Such leave is sanctioned only by the competent officer if the position of the employee is not correct from medical point of view. The unpaid leave is allowed up to a maximum of 360 half pay leave.

  • Rule 93 (a) In case of TB (Police Service), if there is no leave of any kind left in the account of the employee, then 360 half pay leave is deposited in advance in his account. 
  • If an employee takes a course in public interest, 180 days of HPL will be approved keeping in view the outstanding status of HPL in his leave account.

HOW TO RESIE AN IMAGE FOR SHAA DARPAN IN MOBILE | How to change the image size for SHALA DARPAN in mobile

It is very important to change the size of the image for SHALA DARPAN in mobile, sometimes it comes that the photo should not be more than 200 KB or should be up to 20 KB, so today we will know how to change the size of the photo from the mobile. We can also do this work online and offline, the offline one will be a little easier, so I am telling you the offline one. For this, first you have to go to PLAY STORE, to go there, you will search in search PHOTO RESIZER. You will find a lot of apps there, you can do any of them, but according to me, XLLUSION must be written under an app. After downloading, open that app. As soon as you open the app, you have to select the photo you want to scan or resize in it.As soon as you select the photo, 4 options will appear in front of you, out of which the last option will be of crop photo. If you want to crop your photo, then crop it with that option. After that you have to resize the photo, for that you select the option of 800 * 600. As soon as you click on it, your photo will be resized and will be saved in the gallery. You can also check by going to the gallery.

HOW TO APPLY CLASS 5th OR 8th BOARD EXAM 2020 | How to apply 5th Grade or 8th Board Exam 2020

The online option for class 8 and class 5 board examination has started and its last date is 20. 12. 2019. First of all, we will do the site of the school mirror, then an interface will come in front of you, in which the board exam will be written and click on it. After clicking, the option for board exam will come in front of you, on that page you will get a link and you have to click on it. After opening the option, such an interface appears in front of you, where most important notes are written, read them carefully. First select the class, then select the section and then click on the Go button. Clicking on the Go button will show the list in front of you. After that check all the details of the student and only then click on the Apply button.

When we click on the Apply button, all its details will be shown. On clicking, an application form will open in which you have to confirm each detail. Then click on confirm button. After clicking, another page will open in front of you, it will show everything the same, but it will have the status of BPL status on the bottom, so click on the Save button. After that upload the photo of the child, keep in mind that when the size of the photo is less than 20. After that submit the final.

How to Login on Shala Darpan Portal [Shala Darpan Staff login]

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