Starlink: SpaceX partners with Google Cloud to place stations in data centers

Google Cloud has entered into an agreement with Elon Musk’s company SpaceX to deliver data, cloud services and applications to customers around the world using the capabilities of the aerospace company’s Starlink satellites and its own. data centers.

The company headed by Elon Musk has just signed a major deal with Google Cloud. This provides for the connection of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites to earth stations located in Google’s data centers.

SpaceX has launched more than 1,500 satellites for Starlink and plans to launch thousands more to help it serve customers around the world. But it is equally important to build enough ground stations capable of transmitting Internet data to the satellites. Starlink’s goal is to provide reliable, high-quality broadband connections to areas that are typically difficult, if not impossible, to reach with existing terrestrial network infrastructures, including cellular networks.


This partnership will allow businesses and consumers with the Starlink service to access cloud-based services and applications such as machine learning and analytics . “  The combination of Starlink’s low-latency broadband with Google’s infrastructure and capabilities provides global organizations with the secure and fast connection that modern organizations expect,  ” said Gwynne Shotwell, president and COO of SpaceX. ”  We are proud to work with Google to provide this access to businesses, public sector organizations and many other groups operating around the world  .”

Google and SpaceX also say the deal is good for businesses and governments operating in remote areas . While Starlink is best known for providing high-speed Internet to consumers, SpaceX is also considering making its system work for businesses. By allowing businesses to access its network, Starlink could well experience strong growth this year. The two companies are expected to begin offering satellite service to corporate customers of Google in the second half of 2021 .