Excessive use of sanitizer is harmful to health!

Mumbai : We all use a large amount of alcohol-based sanitizers to protect against the corona virus. But even though this sanitizer protects us from the corona virus, it also has some side effects on our body. Ordinary people have two major weapons to fight the corona. They are sanitizers and masks. There are a few things to keep in … Read more

Climate change: alarm bell for three billion people of the world

According to a new study, by the year 2070, more than three billion people will be living in places where the temperature will not be ‘tolerable’. As long as the emission of green house gases does not decrease, a large number of people will feel that the average temperature has exceeded 29 degrees Celsius. This … Read more

16 migrant laborers killed in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

In Aurangabad, Maharashtra, 16 migrant laborers have died after being hit by a freight train. Chief PRO of the South Central Railway has confirmed to the BBC that so far 16 workers have died on the occasion and five people have been admitted to the civil hospital in Aurangabad. He told that it seems that all … Read more

Is the coronavirus becoming more dangerous?

Researchers in the United States and Britain say they have seen hundreds of changes in the novel corona virus. However, none of these research has confirmed how it will affect its infection and how effective the vaccine will be against such viruses. Changing the virus is normal. The question is, which of these changes affect the … Read more

Coronavirus: Can COVID-19 patients spread infection from corpses?

Viruses can remain alive in the bodies of people who die from COVID-19. In such a situation, we can do the last rites of these dead bodies with full dignity, taking adequate precautions. The whole world is going through a terrible phase of COVID-19 at this time. Extremely sad pictures are coming from all countries of those … Read more

Coronavirus: tough decisions going to take Saudi Arabia in crisis

Saudi Arabia’s Finance Minister Mohammed al-Zadan said on Saturday that tough and painful decisions will be taken to deal with the damage to the economy caused by the corona virus infection. He said that all options are open to get out of this crisis. In an interview to Al-Arabiya TV, Al-Jadan said that Saudi Arabia will … Read more

What are the symptoms of coronavirus and how can it prevent

The coronavirus worldwide so far Do, 32 Lak or more have been killed, people. In addition, the cases of infection also increase32 lakh 56 thousand more have been done. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was among the patients infected with the virus, but after treatment he has recovered and has now returned to work. We are telling you here how the corona virus infection spreads … Read more

Corona Lockdown-3: Know what will be open, will it be closed and what can you do?

In the press release of the Home Ministry, it has been told that restrictions have been imposed in some places on the basis of different zones. In this regard, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a 16 point notification. Click to know which zone your area belongs to. Read, on what basis the zones have … Read more

How is the life of an Asha worker between fear and insecurity

Investigations of people returned to the village She says that she has received information from Asha workers of two villages that at least two migrants have returned here in the last two days. Those people were themselves advised to remain in isolation. But, she has reached there to take his temperature and record other details. 24 villages come … Read more

Corona Virus: Has India come into the grip of infection badly?

The lockdown in India has been extended till 17 May. This is the third time when the date of lockdown has been extended. Earlier on March 24, a 21-day lockdown was announced. The lockdown was announced once again on April 13, just one day before the completion of this 21-day period. This time the lockdown was kept for … Read more