Top 3 Best VPN For PUBG Mobile & PUBG Mobile Lite

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the best VPN for PUBG mobile. Now in front of me here I have Express VPN, Nord VPN, and surf shark, all of which are great PP ends, by the way, some of the best in the market if not the best.

And you know, today, we’re just going to try to figure out which one might suit your needs. And situation best, depending on your budget or VPN needs.

So if you’re interested in any of these, you’ll find links to special deals and discounts below, some of these deals may not actually be found on their original websites, so feel free to take advantage of them.

Now, when it comes to gaming, generally, ideally, you don’t want to use a VPN, because naturally a VPN will drop your content. It will increase your ping actually.

So yeah, the higher the ping, the worse the gaming experience, and you don’t want that. We want as low of a ping as possible. Now, generally, I get around 50 ping when, I play games. I seem to have the best connection when I play around the European region here. Specifically Spain, Italy, and France.

So that’s generally where, I get my best connection. So I did do a test in the French server in all of these VPNs. And here are the results. Okay.


So we’re looking as for as low of a ping as possible. I got Express VPN with 43 ping, Nord VPN with 55 ping, and surprisingly enough, surf shark with consistent 54 ping. Sometimes I got 55 and other times 53. And I could say the same for all of the VPN’s here. They’re all great VPNs.

Now, depending on your needs, what do I mean by that? If we’re talking the lowest ping, I got 53. I’m not sure why that is in Nord VPN, but I never even saw 53. But with surf shark and express VPN, it actually went down to 53 at times 51, or 50. So Nord, Surf shark and Express VPN are doing great when it comes to ping.

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So if security and privacy are at the top of your list, Express VPN has been proven to be just the top like the best when it comes to security. Not just that, you’re getting that with the best protocol.

The most secure protocol, lightweight is not going to give you the best speeds possible. It’s not a wire guard protocol, but it’s their own version of like some, kind wire Guard Base protocol.

But it’s not really that impressive when it comes to ping and download speed. Their open VPN, however, is actually faster than the open VPN of surf shark and Nord, which makes it the best choice when it comes to security. Because open VPN protocol is the most audited, thoroughly audited protocol.



It’s the best combination of speed and security, really, for Nord VPN. In order to get the best results, you’re going to have to use the Nord links protocol, which is their own wire guard protocol. And the wire guard protocol and Surf shark, which is impressively quick.

These protocols have not, they might be secure. But there’s no, evidence yet that they are secure. We haven’t seen any reports, resulting in good standing when it comes to the security of wire guard protocols.

So if again, if security and privacy is at the top of your list, or priorities, go with Express VPN.



Overall, it’s a very premium service, and you cannot be disappointed with Express VPN. Very consistent, very reliable, streaming services, so on and so forth. It’s just a great service overall.

If you don’t want to spend as much you can go with Nord VPN. Nord VPN is a little bit cheaper, but you’re also not really sacrificing on features. In fact, you’re getting a couple of extra features here.

You’re getting a dedicated IP and obfuscated servers if you’re using open VPN. If you’re you get onion over VPN, if you’re a Tor user, you get peer to peer servers for torrenting specialty servers.

By the way, for Express VPN, you don’t need any specialty servers and the server will do the job. So yeah, but in Nord VPN, they just not give you that option. You still get a kill switch, you still get split tunnelling and you get the app kill switch if you don’t want to. If you don’t like the kind of traditional kill, switch to get office gaming servers, obviously.

And custom DNS, as well as dedicated IP, as I think I already mentioned that. So if you still end, you get to secure six devices with Nord VPN, and you get five devices with Express VPN simultaneous devices to be secured with per subscription.

However, if you’re looking for the ultimate budget, VPN, and you don’t really know, go for surf shark. There are no logs policy is a bit iffy. So when it comes to security there, there are rights.

But for the price, you’re getting a great bang for your buck here. Surf shark, you can secure an unlimited amount of devices with one subscription, which is very cheap.

Here you still get split tunnelling, you still get the wire guard protocol, and you still get a kill switch. So it’s just a great service overall. So that’ll be it for these kind of the VPN. Depending on your situation, you can pick whichever.

I personally like Express VPN, the best VPN for PUBG mobile, just because, I don’t really have to mess with it too much. It’s very consistent, it’s very stable, and it never fails. When it comes to just the UI itself. It’s very simple. I like Express VPN.

And I don’t mind paying the premium price for the premium service here, especially the true no logs policy that they uphold, and take very seriously.


So yeah, I like that about Express VPN. Now, I’m going to just give PUBG go. I’m going to connect to the French server here.

Okay, so there doesn’t seem to be any skipping or rubber banding or any kind of ping fluctuations does seem to be in the 50 ping, kind of 50 to 55, possibly around the 16 minute. The 60 ping threshold.

But again, this is definitely playable for PUBG, for sure. This isn’t Rainbow Six or call of duty. So for a slow paced game like that, it definitely works.

Again, you might have lower ping, depending on your connection, and you might have higher. You should just do your own tests, figure out which server suits you best.

That’ll be it. I hope you guys enjoyed this comparison. If you’re interested in any of these VPNs you can buy from the links provided here.

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